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Guangzhou Yuejia Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Tianhe District of Guangzhou City, which is known as Huacheng City. The company has devoted more than 20 years to the research and development of ozone technology, the price of oxygen generator, ozone manufacturers, constantly innovating ozone generator technology, collecting ozone generator spare parts (ozone tube, ozone high-voltage and high-frequency power supply, ozone control system, etc.). Ozone Concentration Detector, Oxygen Generator, Ozone Generator R&D and manufacturing, sales and service as one of the R&D and production enterprises. Ozone generator industry in China has a certain representation, and is gradually becoming a global supplier of small and medium-sized ozone equipment. The company has strong technical force, first-class testing equipment and perfect management mechanism. Over the years, we have continuously absorbed advanced technology at home and abroad, continuously innovated and developed new products, and kept the products at the forefront of technology. The ozone products produced are complete in variety, stable in quality, reliable in variety, in line with the industry application standards and even break through the industry's highest standards. They are widely used in chemical industry, food processing and pollution. Water wastewater treatment, tap water treatment, drinking water treatment, swimming pool water treatment, sterilization and purification of catering industry, purification of central ventilation system, aquaculture processing, poultry farms, sterilization and purification of space, storage and preservation of perishable food, medical hygiene, household disinfection and purification, aseptic workshop of cosmetics, inactivation of bacteria in milk drinks, etc. Aspect. The products and services provided have been unanimously acknowledged and praised by the vast number of ozone peer enterprises and end users.

China is the first to grasp the manufacturing technology of ozone generator with wide voltage below kg level.

China is the first to grasp the constant output technology of ozone generator.

China first grasps the technology of high concentration ozone generator temperature rise not higher than ambient temperature 5 C technology.

China's ozone tube and ozone high voltage power supply and other spare parts are the most comprehensive and comprehensive enterprises.

Design and produce supporting products for customers individually and customize as required.

Provide ozone generator related accessories for ozone production and processing enterprises and ozone users.

Provide ozone products testing, maintenance, commissioning, maintenance services!

Business philosophy: integrity, innovation, quality, safety, integrity is the cornerstone, innovation is the driving force, quality is the guarantee, safety is the premise;

Corporate philosophy: innovation, pragmatism, self transcendence and excellence.

Perfect, leading technology and perfect service. Welcome to patronize!