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Product Details

100G/H touch screen ozone machine
  • Introduction

Control panel diagram



Leave-off switch: It can be used to control other equipment, such as air source equipment and cooling water equipment switch (not used).

Gas flow regulation: control the volume of gas flow, increase clockwise and counter clockwise.

Power indicator: when the power is turned on, the lamp will always shine.

Operation indicator: after the touch screen is selected, the light is always on. When the device stops working, the lamp goes out.

Fault indicator: when the device fails, the lamp flashes and alarms. The lamp is not lighted when the equipment is working properly.

Device interface diagram


Power supply: device power supply access socket, access AC220V/50HZ or AC220V/60HZ.

Air source input: 8*6mm air duct is used to connect oxygen or air. The air source must be dry and clean, and the flow rate should not be greater than 50L/MIN.

Gas source output: 8*6mm anti-corrosive gas conduit is connected, ozone output is connected to the place users need to use.

Cooling water outlet is connected by four branch pipes and cooling water flows out.

The cooling water inlet is connected by four branch pipes and the cooling water is connected.

technical parameter


Name: TS-100G/H intelligent ozone machine

Working voltage: AC220V + 5%, 50/60HZ.

Power consumption: less than 1.5KW

Control mode: touch screen control.

Working mode: touch screen settings.

Air supply: dry clean oxygen or air.

Ozone output: 92% when oxygen flow rate is 30L/min, ozone output is more than 100G/H

Ambient temperature: -10 ~ 40 C

Ambient humidity: less than 85%

Outline size: 615*405*1310mm

The cooling water flow rate is greater than or equal to 10L/min, and the water temperature is not higher than the ambient temperature.

Net weight: 54KG

product mix


1, the product shell is made of 304 stainless steel, with beautiful appearance, durable and humanized design.

2, large 7 inch human-machine interface touch-screen, intelligent numerical control, manual / automatic omnidirectional monitoring.

3. Flow sensor, temperature sensor, humidity sensor and ozone concentration sensor are installed inside. All values (including power supply voltage, high voltage, discharge chamber, etc.) will be fed back to touch screen in real time. The touch screen control system will automatically adjust the data analysis according to the factory settings. Intelligent integration.

4. Internal ozone generator uses narrow gap high frequency and high voltage discharge, with high efficiency, high output and high concentration. The high voltage power supply yield ratio can be as high as 7-8KW.h/kg O 3.

5. The dielectric material is made of high-purity silica quartz material at high temperature, with high precision, uniform discharge, 316L stainless steel inner electrode and compact firmware, PTFE gas nozzle, corrosion-resistant high-purity fluorine rubber ring seal, and the latest solar aluminum alloy heat dissipation technology (patent No. 201030271620.1) is used for external air cooling and heat dissipation. For a long time, the ozone attenuation is ultra low < 5/100, and the service life is long, up to 12000 hours.

6. Characteristics of high voltage power supply: IGBT drive, automatic/manual bandwidth, slow start, (limit surge current), power supply overvoltage protection, power converter overheating protection, output short circuit, circuit breaking protection. Circuit anti-interference, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion design.

Operation instructions of touch screen control center

1, the boot screen is as follows: (background LOGO can be set according to customer requirements)




Select the corresponding menu button to enter the corresponding language interface. This note takes Chinese as an example.

2. After selecting the "enter" or "Enter" interface, the picture is as follows:



Touch to select the interface that needs to be entered:

System parameter setting

Alarm parameter setting

Working interface

Alarm browsing

Buzzer on / off


3, system parameter setting (after entering the interface can set the system time, backlight duration)



4. Setting alarm parameters (set alarm parameters here, when leaving the factory, the equipment is in good condition, if there is no abnormality, do not debug the reference data of goods)



















This interface is a working interface, the corresponding key functions are as follows: (before operation, please ensure that there is no alarm, if there is an alarm, check according to the screen prompt, between start, make sure that the cooling water is smooth, the air source is open, the flowmeter is open,)

Start button: under manual mode, press this button to start the ozone generator.

Stop button: press this button to stop the ozone generator.

Manual and automatic buttons: press this button to switch between manual and automatic functions.

A. The default mode of the system is the automatic mode of operation. Press the exit button below to convert the mode.

B, working time settings can be clicked in the corresponding digital position, and the corresponding data is adjusted.

C, in any way, the power adjustment is manual.

Output + button: press this button, the production progress bar will add 1 until 10.

Output button: press this button, the production progress bar will be reduced by 1 until 0.

Return key: the system will switch to the previous interface.

Work mode key: press this button to enter work mode:



The working time is set in sequence. The upper and lower limits of ozone concentration regulation are set. The upper limit must be higher than the lower limit. Otherwise, it will not work (reference data: the upper limit is 300 mg/L, the lower limit is 0 mg/l).

6, alarm browsing (record every ozone generator failure time and fault location).


7. Buzzer on / off.

Press this button to turn on or turn off the buzzer that has failed to alarm.

8. Return

Pressing this key will return to the previous working interface.

Instructions for equipment use


TS-100G/H is a humanized intelligent ozone machine, ideal equipment for water treatment and air purification and sterilization processing, widely used in water treatment, sewage treatment, pharmaceutical industry operating room, sterile workshop, food processing industry, storage room, training room, mushroom farms, large laundry room, large hotels, central air-conditioning etc..

Equipment installation instructions


1, the equipment should be placed in a dry, clean, well ventilated environment where the temperature is not greater than 45 degrees.

2, through the cooling water inlet and outlet pipe, connected to gas source (oxygen or air) pipeline, switch on the power line, to ensure that water, gas pipeline leak, open the machine protection switch, the touch screen control center to display user interface.

3, manual on the touch screen to enter the system, work settings, set the working time cycle, ozone, ozone output value, output value, etc.. After the set, we can choose to start work, the machine will automatically work in accordance with the values you set, and in accordance with the factory set to protect the data monitoring, once the failure of a link, the machine will alarm and display is the site of failure, and stop working to ensure a high voltage discharge. Prepare for normal and stable use, omnibearing intelligent monitoring and control.

Points for attention


1. After sealing, check whether the random accessories are complete and the equipment is in good condition according to the packing list.

2, do not collision during moving, so as not to damage.

3, if do not need to install the equipment, please do not open the plastic film sealing machine, stored in a dry and ventilated place.

4, equipment installed in a well ventilated clean environment, can not be inverted or flat. Installation location can not be poured by rainwater and environment humidity is greater than 90%.

5, prohibit the use in inflammable and explosive places.

6, do not plug the machine vents, otherwise it will affect the temperature inside the machine will lead to the ozone generator ozone concentration decreased, reduced service life.

7, ozone as a strong oxidant, high ozone concentration of ozone exit out of the body, not a long time contact with ozone, ozone can be put into the confined space in the machine to stop working after 60 minutes of natural decomposition, we can enter.

8, non professionals, do not open the case, the general electrician personnel need to professional maintenance personnel in the ozone machine after consultation can open the case.

Daily maintenance of equipment


1, the use of equipment should be placed in dry ventilated and clean environment, the ambient temperature between -10 to 40 DEG C, relative humidity is less than 85%.

2, the maintenance of equipment, the need to cut off the power supply, cooling water, oxygen bottle or air compressor case through the line.

3, regular inspection ventilation equipment on the line, to remove the clean and put back in situ as more dust.

4, the equipment can be a long time to 24 hours of continuous work, but please make sure that the flow of cooling water in normal temperature, normal (not higher than the ambient temperature, good ventilation cooling equipment).

5, the wet towel used for cleaning the chassis must be twisted dry and used. Do not splash the water into the machine.